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good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. in just the last 15 minutes we learned that a woman who set up her husband in a complicated burglary plot is being let out of jail. the deadline to file criminal charges against the woman and her three accused accomplices has just passed. jade. >> reporter: julie, we've now also learned two of the three men held here at the martinez jail will be freed to walk through those doors any time. the time to file charges has
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expired. as for the wife, she is being released this evening. we spoke to contra costa county barry gross this afternoon. he told us this is an ongoing investigation and says there's still more details he needs to file any charges against the four suspects arrested. saying he still hasn't learned just exactly what happened last tuesday the night of the deadly stabbing. this case sparked interest after police say it turned out the husband who fought back a home invasion robbery attack and stabbed to death the intruder lindsay had been set up. they say she convinced the new boyfriend and three other men to help her scare her husband out of the apartment they shared. in exchange police say the wife promised the would be burglars pot plants the husband legally grew. >> there are many cases where it takes more time than is allotted by the court system to get to the bottom of exactly
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what happened. and before we charge somebody with a crime we need to know exactly what happened so we can file the appropriate charges. sometimes that takes longer than we have to hold them in custody. >> reporter: as we mentioned earlier two of the three men originally arrested for suspicion of murder are not being charged. they are expected to be released at any time. the remaining suspect is being held on a parol suspension and the wife being held in richmond is also expected to be released tonight. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu news. an employee at a petaluma station was discovered at the disposal site. a deputy toll us they don't know yet if the man was a victim of foul play or if his death was accidental. investigators say they know the man's identity and will release
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it pending notification of next of kin. police are looking into a shooting that left one man dead. it happened just after 3:00 this afternoon. officers say when they arrived on the scene the victim was already dead. so far no word on any suspects or a motive. a former death row inmate accused of killing his own mother in vallejo told a judge today that he wants to plead guilty to that crime. 70-year-old dennis stanworth is accuse of killing danny stanworth. he was initially sent to prison for killing two teen girls. stanworth was released on parol in 1990. an official plea has not been made. he is expected to be arraigned
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next friday. oakland police say they looked for seven wanted people today. they ran seven warrants. the people detained today had been warned if they didn't straighten up they would be arrested. >> we are going to use every effort, every legal means to bring you to justice and to end the violence. >> officers say they also confiscated several weapons including semi automatic weapons. family of two oikos mass shooting victims filed lawsuits today. the families are seeking unspecified damages. this is the first litigation since that deadly shooting last april in which seven people
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were killed. temperatures are dropping off rapidly this evening. for the second night in a row we have a freeze warning to tell you about. here is a look at the current numbers. if you can't see already for the 6:00 6:00 hour, we're talking about 43. here's a frost advisory, temperatures in the low to mid- 30s. this begins saturday morning 2:00 running until 8:00 saturday morning. but what's more concerning is this, that freeze warning reflecting temperatures in the upper 20s to lower 30s. so sub freezing for several hours for parts of the north bay. the inland valleys and also the santa clara valleys. especially down toward morgan hill and gilroy. starting out saturday morning once again in the upper 20s, around 27 to 32 deees. and we have a change for the second half of the weekend at least for the overnight lows coming up we'll break down, big temperature change for that time frame and also shower chances. there's a slight chance as we head into your saturday. a lot more on that in a few minutes. while you are at home watching news of this cold snap
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from your warm living room. there are actually thousands of people in the bay area who have nowhere to go to keep warm. ktvu's noelle walker is in walnut creek in one of the few places where families can seek shelter tomorrow. >> tonight there are thousands of people who are calling a sleeping bag a bed and the cold concrete home. but the folks here at the shelter are calling it a night and going to bed. to the kids this is just a play room. to the family who come to the oasis program, this is daytime shelter from the cold. >> it's a nice comfortable space and it's warm. >> reporter: day manager slogan draws clients to the winter night's shelter each night. >> they've been sleeping in the couch or what we call couch surfing which is going from friends, relatives and that can go on for quite some time. >> the shelter has 30 people
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camping out at a contra costa county church. the she -- the shelter moves to a different church every week. it's one of the cold weather shelters. >> the family is happy to have a little privacy. >> reporter: when it's almost noon and the temperatures haven't ventured out of the 40s, that's a cold day. and the fountains is getting no love today when the scarfs and hoodies come out the sidewalk dining doesn't get a lot of customers either. it's a hard sell when even the naked trees look cold. >> you look freezing. >> i am, i am freezing today. >> a few minutes of chill is bearable. the thought of spending an entire night out in the cold is not. >> reporter: and tonight there are six families on the waiting list for the winter night shelter. it's called the winter night
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shelter but it really runs for six months through fall and winter and spring. we would like to see your photos of the frost, ice or snow and you can e-mail us directly at photos @ play off fever is gripping the bay area as the count down is on to tomorrow's kick off. ktvu's david stevenson is live now at candle stick park where we are now less than 24 hours away from the 49ers show down with the green bay packers. >> reporter: we learned today about the work being done by pg & e over the last 48 hours to keep the power flowing during the play off game. crews today cut away trees from the stick clearing branches that endanger power lines feeding the park. the work comes ahead of saturday's play off game between the 49ers and green bay packers. and more than a year after a big black out here embarrassed the city. >> we basically last year
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rebuilt the entire electrical circuit that serves candle stick. >> reporter: candle stick is lit by 6,000 kilowats of voltage. >> last night we worked with the city to basically turn all the lights on in the stadium and similar simulate that game night load. >> it's winner takes all right. everything is on the line. >> the goal is a smooth experience here for the 65,000 to 66,000 football fans expected tomorrow. >> we're certainly not green bay but i will caution people to make sure you dress to peel. you come out in layers. candle stick with a 5:00 start will be a little chilly. >> the team has another season here before it moves to santa clara. >> our guys and gals are doing a magnificent job down there in santa clara in getting that stadium ready. so i'll be very excited not to have to deal with some of the challenges that we have at
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candle stick. san francisco police will have a big presence out here tomorrow with uniformed and plain clothed police officers dressed as green bay and 49er fans to help keep the peace during tomorrow's game. david stevenson. one packer fan had his loyalty tested today but bubba. >> from this day forward you love the who? >> the niners. >> say it, i have seen the light. >> i have seen the light. >> terrance spent some time with niner and packer fans. both sides tell us it's a friendly rivalry. >> how have the fans been so far here? >> awesome, awesome. >> the packers fans, we met a few already and they've been very friendly. >> fans on both sides went on to say tomorrow's game is bringing them together thanks to a common love of football.
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>> and san francisco's embarcadero is lit up in support of the 49ers. the lights were switched on about an hour ago just as it was getting dark. and stay with ktvu for complete coverage. tune in at 4:00 p.m. for ktvu's play off play book followed by fox pregame show. then join us for the point after following the game. the shell refinery in martinez is letting its neighbors know about work planned for this weekend. on saturday and sunday the refinery plans to do work on a flair near the e pacheco side o the facility. the testing of the flair can emit smoke for short periods and cause some noise and rumbling at times. shell says it'll do its best to limit the noise and smoke. a federal appeals court ruled the postal service must stop giving favorable service to netflix. the suit was brought by a
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video game maker that claims the movies were damaged at arrival. a theater in san francisco's mission district has been shut down now for 20 years is being brought back to life. the city planning commission has approved a $10 million renovation in part for the new mission theater on mission street. the theater was shut down back in 1993. the renovation will include a 114 unit condominium development next door. coming up preparing for the packers. what one defensive star highlighted as the biggest key for tomorrow's game. why a government organization that normally targets terrorism is turning its attention to java. injured while trying to protect his dog from a vicious attack at a local park. in just three minutes the
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latest for the search of the dog's owner who fled the scene.
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a south bay man was seriously injured when he says his dog was viciously attacked by two other dogs. only on 2, ktvu's robert handa is live now in san jose with a firsthand account of what happened and why a search is under way now to find the other dog owners, robert. >> reporter: well we are at a dog park in south san jose where the attack reportly took place and compared the attack to a hit-and-run. >> this is the thumb that is broken. >> reporter: the injurys from the dog bites are extensive and painful. david who does not want his face or last name revealed says he suffered the broken left thumb and numerous puncture wounds when he tried to separate his pet lab named bird from two other dogs. >> the tooth went straight through the nail and broke it. >> reporter: the incident took
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place wednesday afternoon here at the raleigh reinier dog park. a man and woman with two dogs, a white lab and black american bulldog were there when the white dog attacked his dog. >> there's a lot of internal injuries in his mouth. he has bites all around both sides. the dog was grabbing him basically like that. he has pretty significant cuts to his elbow. i don't know if you can see a stent but there's a stent for a drainage system. >> reporter: what makes him angry is that the couple fled everyone after he asked them to call for help. >> this dog is dangerous. i am confident that this dog will attack another dog or maybe a child. >> reporter: bird will be quarantined for two weeks at home. he believes the couple called
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the white dog sirus. so far we have not received a call back from the investigators. oracle is being asked to temporarily disable java. the security flaw could let ransom ware in. that's a malicious program that locks the computer user out until they pay a ransom to the packer. redwood city based oracle says it will issue a fix and that should be ready for download on tuesday. the number of deaths of people jumping to their deaths has stayed steady throughout
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the years. the bridge rail reports 33 in 2012. members of the bridge rail foundation are pushing for a suicide barrier on the span to prevent any more deaths. they say they are optimistic thanks to a federal transportation bill signed by president oe -- president obama which allows for bridge rail systems. the coast guard says it could take several months to figure out exactly what went wrong. students joined teachers and other staff members today at embattled san francisco city college for a protest against the new interim chancellor. >> about 100 people gathered outside at the main ccsf campus on ocean avenue. at the same time that the interim chancellor was giving her welcome address to kick off
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the spring semester. >> we are committed to ensuring that we maintain the educational quality that we have had. and the commitment and the passion for our students and for the community. >> the group says the chancellor and the school should be used more money from voter approved proposition a to help the school's mounting costs. and the report says that it will poll its approval and close the school if it can't bridge a budget gap by march. however a state community college official warned this week the school will likely not make that deadline. it is cold now but it's going to get even colder this weekend. meteorologist mark tamayo is in for bill tonight and he joins us now with the forecast. >> we had more 20s to talk about as we head into the weekend around mid- to upper 20s to start out saturday morning. even sunday morning could even be a little bit cooler. right now on live storm tracker 2. the cold front is here but
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you can see a few pop up showers developing over the past hour. so down toward parts of the santa clara valley right outside of san jose there was a slight chance for today. basically we're going to hold on to that chance obviously for this area in parts of the south bay. probably in the next five to four hours a few pop up showers out there. it is cold. as julie mentions back down into the 40s right now. you can see fairfield 43 degrees. san jose in the upper 40s at 48. and downtown san francisco closing in 48 degrees as well. here's the main headline bay area chill with a very cold morning for saturday and sunday. overnight lows this is the safe range to work with. 24 to 40 degrees. and a freeze warning in place for the inland valleys, saturday morning between about 2:00 and 8:00 saturday. and i think that will be reissued as we do head into sunday. overnight lows here is a look at the projected numbers first thing saturday morning. santa rosa 28, napa 27, lots of 30s right around the bay
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itself. that's cold with san francisco's 39 degrees. san jose is starting out the day at 32. here's the satellite perspective overnight we had this frigid air comes in from the north. so frost redeveloping for tomorrow morning. the 20s and 30s for most areas. we do have some moisture offshore as well. we have been tracking the chance of a few sprinkles as we do head into the weekend. for saturday, some morning frost, a sun cloud mix and there is a chance for a sprinkle. as you can see coming up, forecast model not showing much of shower coverage tomorrow. lots of cloud cover to start the day saturday. you will see the showers 40, 50 miles to our west. then into saturday afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures we're talking about the very cold overnight lows but the afternoon readings not warming up too much in the upper 40s to lower 50s. san jose right around 51 and san mateo at 50. and we do have a big game to talk about at candle stick with
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45. here is a look ahead your five day forecast. get ready sunday morning will be the coldest of the weekend then we gradually warm things up. you can see a string of 20s, have to get used to this overnight pattern. >> you think the 49ers will go until 8:00 or 9:00. >> it'll be 44 to 48 degrees. >> really bundle up. >> thanks, mark. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. a prisoner escapes from a hospital leaving many unanswered questions. what residents say police did not address during their search. and getting away may just be getting a little easier. the popular reference website now offering free tools to do just that. joining us for these stories and more at 7:00 on tv 36. the kick off we've been talking about is less than 24 hours away. mark is live with a look at how to get the 49ers ready for the big game against the green bay packers. well, well, well.
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rethink possible. a new boeing 787 dream liner landed at san jose.
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the flight touched down this morning from tokyo receiving a fire en engine water cannon salute. the event occurred under new security and scrutiny measures of the dream liner after a series of mechanical issues with several different aircraft prompted and faa safety investigation. all right mark is here now. packers, niners this is going to be a tough one because the packers are on a roll. >> yeah, and i just have this nagging feeling the 49ers best game of the year has not been played. >> i hope you're right. >> good. >> i think they're due for it. they should be rested and best football still ahead of them. they hope they've had their moments but the nagging thought that they need to even get a better job going to even entertain the thought of going further. they went away last year on their first play off game. the hit on thomas that set the tone in a ferocious game on both sides. niners won in exciting fashion. and whitner agrees that they
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need to do something like that against green bay. >> we need to make a signature play to grab that momentum early. that play did that for us last year. some where in this football game early we need a signature play. whether it be a big hit, turn over, touchdown, run back by one of our returns we need that early. >> it would be nice to have a big hit. >> it would be really nice to have a big hit. >> it all starts tomorrow 4:00 with the play off play book. then the game itself, after the game joe fonzi will be in the locker room with all the interviews and highlights and bub -- bubba will be back. the nfl announcing some of the finalists for this year's hall of fame induction later in canton ohio. 15 including warren seth who
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spent most of the preseason in tampa. and michael strahan who is the new regis these days also on the bill of the 15 finalists. we will have clipper highlights as they entertain portland. a student by day and homemade crime fighter by night. coming up tonight, we hit the street with this self- proclaimed batman defending one bay area city. it's not halloween. >> wow. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. see you later. >> thanks for trusting that guy.
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